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5 positives of living through this Covid-19 pandemic

I know I am not the only person to have struggled at times with the lack of freedom we are used to because of Covid-19. There are so many things I love to do that I have had to stop doing. Simple things like meeting friends, meeting family, going for a swim and sauna and even interact with others in ways we are supposed to are now things that are massively restricted. But can we see any positives from living through this pandemic?


Where I have had a lot more time on my hands, it has given me the opportunity to reflect. I also try my best to find the positives in everything and I must say, despite the restrictions we have been put under, I have found quite a few…


  1. Appreciate the small (and big!) things more
  2. Spending invaluable time with my family
  3. Supporting my children in their development more than I could have
  4. Improved my health
  5. Put things into perspective


Appreciate the small (and big!) things more

When you turn on the TV, read the papers or go on social media, it is more than likely that you will see some news about this awful pandemic, but having that time to reflect, I have realised there is so much to appreciate. My health, my family, my friends. It has made me realise that some things sometimes get taken for granted more than they should. But even the things I cannot do right now, like meeting friends at a bar, which seems like such a small thing, I will be appreciating so much more when things get back to normal.


Spending time with my family


If times were normal, there is no doubt I would have spent a lot less time with my kids and my partner. I would have been travelling more, working away from home and socialising. But because of Covid-19, I have stayed at home and I have seen my children doing things for the first time that I would not have normally seen. And that is special. Things I will cherish forever. It is not quite the same when you find out your child has done something new or learned something new via a telephone call. Seeing it for yourself is far more special.


Supporting my children in their development more than I could have


By having the time at home, I have been able to help my son learn to walk, taught him many new words, colors and numbers because of Covid. My daughter (who is now 3 months old), I have been able to help with lifting her head from the ground. Not only have these been proud moments which I was able to witness myself, but I do believe that giving them more of my attention in helping them to develop has allowed them to develop quicker than they would have if I were working from an office. This has been so fulfilling as a parent.


Improved my health


About 5 years ago, I used to regularly train in the gym, swim and run. However, from running a business to having two children, my time and motivation to exercise had dwindled somewhat. But with Covid-19 turning the world upside down, it gave me a lot more time on my hands and it helped me to create new habits. I decided to cut out chocolate and biscuits for 4 months (thought I would have some chocolate as and when I wanted in December as it’s the Christmas month, it would be rude not to), have become a lot more conscious about eating healthier and also taken up various exercises like cycling and own body exercises. I feel so much better for it and glad I have been able to improve my health, as it really does get taken for granted at times by so many people.


Put things into perspective


This is pretty much a combination of everything above. Having the time to think, doing things that are so fulfilling and improving my health has made me realise that things that were considered so important before are not. I think it is easy for people to become so consumed in their professional lives that family time and their health do get taken for granted. A saying that is so true – “no one says on their deathbed that they wished they had spent more time at work”. So if I can give any advice as a result of Covid, it would be to make sure you put your health higher up the list of importance and do your best to spend the most quality time you possibly can with your family.

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